Why It Is Important to Consult With a Title IX Lawyer

It is crucial to seek legal counsel if you have been accused of violating Title IX by a school. Engel & Associates helps students accused of sexual assault and discrimination on college campuses navigate the complex disciplinary investigation process and hearing procedures.

Our experienced attorneys will assist with gathering evidence, investigating the misconduct, and building a strong case. We will also help you prepare for your upcoming hearing and represent you during the proceedings.

Depending upon the circumstances, the penalties for an indicted student could include loss or credit, suspension or dismissal of the university, as well as loss of employment. These sanctions could also affect student’s eligibility and eligibility for financial aid.

Students accused of sexual misconduct could face negative repercussions such as isolation from family and friends, stigmatization, and a reduction in academic opportunities. They may also have to deal with the emotional burden of the accusations and related proceedings, which can have an impact on their education and future career goals.

Additionally, a student’s reputation within campus communities and the likelihood of being admitted to other colleges could be affected by a plea of guilty or acquittal at a hearing. Additionally, students who are accused of discrimination or harassment may face the risk of being subject to retaliation by their employers or former employers.

Title IX guidelines by the Office for Civil Rights demand that policies and procedures in schools be fair and equal. This can be difficult when schools tend to rely heavily on the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard in their disciplinary processes. This places the burden on the accused and can lead them to be unfairly biased.

A Title IX defense lawyer will carefully review the school’s policies, procedures, and determine whether they are fair. This includes a detailed review the school’s Title IX Handbook or code student conduct.

If your college or university is not following the federal guidelines you can file a claim with the Office for Civil Rights. This will set a time frame for the Office of Civil Rights, which will review your case and investigate any alleged discrimination.

During a TTitle IX lawyer Tallahassee investigation, both the complainant and the accused will be interviewed separately. The investigator will collect all relevant evidence such as text messages and emails, witness statements, photographs or videos, and other documents that relate to the incident. Both parties have the right to have an attorney-advisor present during the interview, as well as to cross-examine witnesses and other parties.

We know that the repercussions of a Title IX complaint can be overwhelming, but you have the right to fight for justice. We can help you navigate the process. We will ensure that your due process rights and rights are protected.

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