Mentr-Me introduces a free tool for prospective students abroad

Helps them find the perfect school for their profile and career aspirations

Mentr-Me has launched a free tool for study abroad applicants to help them find the perfect school based on their profile requirements and career aspirations.

A study published last year found that over 5 million students from around the world are enrolled in higher education outside of their country. They leave the comfort of their home to study abroad and pursue their career dreams. However, choosing the best school for higher education can be a daunting and overwhelming decision for many of these aspirants, especially without guidance.

That’s where Mentr-Me’s comprehensive resource comes in. In many ways, it’s like virtual mentor candidates from around the world have access to it. This platform allows applicants to learn more about some of the best colleges and universities in different parts of the world. They can learn about programs that suit their desires and future goals.

Except can Find schools to study abroad Aspirants can access a wide range of services that give them the edge while making the crucial decision. From finding a university alumnus to learn their stories and experiences to make informed decisions to free application support, the platform has everything for your study abroad needs.

It is these comprehensive and competent services that have helped many applicants to achieve their university abroad goals. Mentr-Me also offers several other free resources such as free test prep and alumni masterclasses that have made a name for themselves with aspirants. You can also have your questions answered by the experts and clear any doubts you might have. To make things easier for them, this free School Explore tool has now been launched.

It’s a simple tool designed to ensure aspirants can find the perfect school based on their profile requirements. All they have to do is fill in their details and this smart tool will do the rest. From evaluating the profile to presenting a list of schools based on it, this tool has automated the job for the applicants and thus simplified it. In no time they have a list of schools from all over the world that perfectly match their profile.

It is interesting to note that the school discovery tool is completely free. Narrowing down a list of schools that fit applicants’ profiles can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Without expert support it can be even more difficult and has resulted in aspirants missing out on the right schools for their profile. Not anymore, as Mentr-Me has made sure they have all the guidance and support they need while making the task easier with the tool that will guide them to the perfect school.

About Mentr-Me is like a virtual mentor, this online platform has become the go-to place for aspirants to study in top colleges abroad and pursue their dreams.


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