LOTO Lifts is resuming production of its popular jet ski platform lifts

Get a floating jet ski dock with less maintenance, waterproof decking, minimal thermal expansion, non-slip and more

LOTO Lifts are pleased to announce that they have re-opened production of their popular jet ski platform lifts. In the past year, production for some of their boat lifts has been halted for unavoidable reasons. The company does not use the typical composite woods for the construction Jet ski docking platforms. The decking boards are made of 100% synthetic material with innovative extrusion technology. This technology combines high-density and impact-resistant polyethylene with a mineral-filled hybrid additive. The result is a strong, non-porous plank deck that is virtually indestructible and resistant to rot.

Those who have installed the LOTO lift jet ski floating docks will find that the deck boards are not subject to rot, mold or mildew even after prolonged immersion in water. The floating jet ski docks have minimal thermal expansion; do not need much maintenance; are non-slip; long-term waterproof decking; and have a colorfast appearance. LOTO Lift is the only manufacturer of single and double lifts jet ski lifts on the Lake of the Ozarks. The PWC platforms are a product of practical engineering combined with creative thinking. Multiple features have been merged into one foolproof design.

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One of the most pressing issues with docks is launching and docking. With the help of a drive-in jet ski dock and jack-up platform, it just got a whole lot easier. This theme is compatible with almost all makes and models including Waverunners, Sea-Doos and others. The dock systems are designed and manufactured with expertise and a great deal of time is taken to achieve those precise cuts and trims. What sets these floating docks apart is that they are made from synthetic materials rather than the cheap composite decks used by other manufacturers in the industry.

That Jet ski floating docks are designed for stability and have been developed to solve the problems that are most common in PWC elevators. LOTO elevators PWC platforms are now available with adjustable brackets for different dock heights. Another important feature is the pneumatic tank used on the jet ski floating ramp. These features help riders quickly board and disembark the watercraft. The welded frames on both sides of the lift offer additional durability. Auto-Marine Bunk Carpet uses SmartBack fiber attachment technology and is made from recycled PET. The most recent addition, i.e. a black and two-tone gray color scheme, is the new favorite among PWC floating docks.

To learn more, visit https://lotolift.com/the-ultimate-jet-ski-floating-dock-solution/

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LOTO Lift offers the best boat lifts on Lake of the Ozarks, MO. Their low maintenance boat lifts are built and maintained on site. They offer all types of pneumatic boat lifts including their LT model with side mounts, shallow water lifts, FM model with front mounts, PWC lifts as well as used boat lifts for sale. They undertake all repairs and services and stock quality parts and accessories for their products.




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