Fritan Technology provides guidance on how to reinforce an entrance door

Helps people secure their homes and businesses for peace of mind

Fritan Technology, a renowned product development and engineering company, has provided a six-step guide to reinforcing a front door that can help people secure their homes and businesses to gain much-needed security.

Studies have shown that in the US, on average, there is a burglary every 15 seconds, which works out to about 5760 per day. It is also interesting to note that home burglaries and burglaries have been reported across the country. Neighborhoods that were once considered safe are no longer, and the responsibility rests with owners to ensure their premises are as safe as they should be.

6 steps to reinforcing a front door

Fritan technology has made a name for itself as a product development and engineering firm focused on designs for home repair, renovation and decoration. It has a wide range of unique and high-quality products that serve various important purposes in people’s households. And now, it has introduced a 6-step guide on how to reinforce the front door, which can help people increase security in their premises.

According to the guide, the first step in securing your property is to lock the door. It may seem like an obvious step, but reports suggest that 30% of break-ins happen because the door was accidentally left unlocked. These things can happen and Fritan Technology recommends a smart solution in the form of electronic deadbolt locks. The good thing about them is that they lock themselves even if they have been unlocked for some time.

Installing a reinforced door frame is the next step in securing your home and security. That’s what the article claims Every door hinge should be reinforced with at least two screws and reinforcement screws on the door opener. It’s a small investment that makes a big difference in the safety of people’s homes. Removing the small striker plate on the door frame and replacing it with an extended striker plate is the next step mentioned in the instructions.

This simple change allows users to add more 3 inch screwsthat secure the strike plate. It also prevents the door from being kicked in during a break-in. Homeowners can then install a door reinforcement kit in step 4. These kits contain everything people need to reinforce their doors. In addition, everything in the kit is easy to work with and install without the help of professionals.

The fifth step is to reinforce the edge of the door. The weakest part of the door is the area where bolts go into the door frame. The solution is simple in the form of a large, sturdy door panel for latches and levers. Finally, installing stronger door locks like a deadbolt with a 1-inch throw alone can help protect doors from being forced open.

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